Members Spotlight

PrimeTime's membership is made up of both Singaporean and international business and professional women from a diverse mix of professions, industries and ages. Our Member Spotlight section gives an insight into the personal and professional lives of some of these amazing women. Click on their profiles to learn more.


Being a member of PrimeTime is a wonderful experience to meet many interesting and like- minded people. 
As a member of PrimeTime you join a community that empowers women to reach their true potential not only uplifts one's spirits but also offers invaluable support during life's challenges.
PrimeTime offers a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn from them, receive support, and attend a variety of events.
It’s been incredible meeting amazing women from around the world doing inspiring things! I highly recommend becoming a member! 
There is still so much to do around changing mindsets of how women move up….but at the same time there is a need to be inclusive in how we grow and nurture all our children.
I am able to provide a platform for people to craft and share their stories, to help them be seen, heard and appreciated for who they are now.
I am happy when I feel that I make a difference in the life of others; I feel a sense of peace and contentment, whenever I see them growing in self-confidence.
Women should consider becoming members of PrimeTime to network, meet like-minded individuals, and enjoy the enriching and fun activities organized by the community.