Making Mental Health A Movement in 2024!

Mental Health Movement - Wrap-up


On April 11th PrimeTime, in partnership with KeyNote Women Speakers, hosted a thought-provoking discussion on the crucial topic of mental health. The event brought together an esteemed panel of female experts to delve into the multifaceted aspects of mental well-being and explore strategies for building a more supportive and inclusive society.



Meet the Panelists:

  • Amutha Meyyappan: TEDx speaker & neuroscientist exploring mental health's impact.
  • Katja Forbes: Digital leader using tech to create a more supportive online environment.
  • Anupama Murali: ICF coach & mindfulness expert building strong communities for mental health.


The panel discussion, moderated by Priyanka Tiku Gupta, covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • The evolving landscape of mental health: The speakers highlighted the significant shifts in societal perceptions of mental health, acknowledging the growing recognition of its importance and the need for open dialogue.

  • The power of community: The panel emphasized the role of communities, both online and offline, in fostering support, advocating for change, and challenging stigmas surrounding mental health.

  • Technology's role in democratizing access: Telehealth, apps, and online platforms were discussed as promising tools for expanding access to mental health resources, while also acknowledging the importance of neuroscience-backed approaches to ensure personalized and effective interventions.

  • Neuroscience and mental health: The panel underscored the significant contributions of neuroscience in enhancing our understanding of mental health conditions, neuroplasticity, and the development of effective treatment strategies.

  • Workplace wellness and policy: The importance of workplace wellness programs and supportive policies in promoting mental health within organizations was strongly emphasized.

  • The power of storytelling and public figures: The panel recognized the transformative impact of personal stories and the influence of public figures in normalizing conversations about mental health.



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